The Common Good

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Cover Story

In Eritrea, an American painter finds friends, suffering, and inspiration.


A national study documents what many congregations already knew—that the arts are good for faith, and faith can be good for the arts.
Daring to believe in a life without logos.
Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church's new building demonstrates how architecture can incarnate the history, strength, and spirit of a people.
Lisa Sullivan has set her heart on politicizing the hip-hop nation.
What we are able to remember is important, but how we remember is even more so. Nowhere is this more true than in the Middle East.
What does it take to create community? A calm and tender manner isn't a bad place to start.


Once again, an outpouring in the streets brings change to the Philippines.
You can't go home again—there aren't any jobs there anymore.
The moratorium movement is changing the politics of death.
A conservative Republican makes the case for reparations for African Americans.


Breakfast in the White House can be dangerous to the prophetic vocation.

Within the next 20 years, we'll see the evolving convergence of humans and machines.

The last time Jake saw his mother, he spit on her.

I was either having a major cardiac event or was standing in a pool of water being repeatedly struck by lightning.

Culture Watch

When science meets religion, who wins?
This collection has no reason to exist, except as a shameless exploitation of the Lennon-McCarney catalog.
Like many North American Christians, I had my spiritual journey upended in the 1980s by an encounter with poor believers from Latin America.
There are two unrelated things that people learn quickly about me. The first is that you probably shouldn't talk to me early in the morning. And the second is that I love U2.
Derek Webb could hear the backlash even before the album came out.
David LaMotte's sixth album fills the void left by sentimental, synthesizer-laden Christian pop-rock and modern rock lyrics about shopping, leather pants, and next year's Infiniti model.
It's easy for us to assume that no matter what comes our way, America will prevail politically and economically.
Spiritual Classics: Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups on the Twelve Spiritual Disciplines, edited by Richard Foster.
An excerpt from The Friendship of Women: A Spiritual Tradition


Only when we know ourselves as broken yet fiercely loved can we share the gift of new life.
'When the children are well enough to go home, it is a gift to me.'
Employment Opportunities Married couple wanted for innovative new public charter school and foster home near Taos, N.M.
The best art bears truth-personal, communal, or both.