The Common Good
July-August 2001

Inside Story

by The Editors | July-August 2001

Sojourners board meetings are important to those of us on staff for a number of reasons.

Sojourners board meetings are important to those of us on staff for a number of reasons. Twice a year, these meetings bring a great group of women and men together in our office library, with opportunities for us to talk, eat, and pray with them in between the business. We appreciate that the board both challenges and supports us.

At last summer's meeting, they even provided us with this issue's cover story. The topic of expanding Sojourners' presence in cyberspace evolved into a conversation among board members about Internet-organized protests, the digital divide, prayer in a wired (and wireless) age, and the potential blessings and curses of rapidly advancing technology. Noting the passion in the room, someone said, Hey this might make a good article. Luckily, some editors were handy, so two of the main participants, David Batstone and Bill Wylie-Kellermann, were recruited to bring the themes of that discussion into a written exchange.

The result is not a cut-and-dried debate, but free-flowing give and take. You can join in that flow by checking out a longer version of Bill and David's exchange available exclusively online. You can also find results from the annual Associate Church Press Awards competition, in which Sojourners was honored with Best-in-Class and 10 other awards.

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