The Common Good

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Cover Story

A return to the Dark Ages? Or a modern rebellion against secularism? Either way—as we've so painfully learned—we ignore this phenomenon at our grave peril.


Young Christians are pushing the edges of faith. Here's a glimpse into the hearts and dreams of a few of them, in their own words.
Rev. Billy may not be a reverend, but he's got some good news to tell.
Okay, so it's not such good news for everybody.
Christians around the world are being attacked and churches burned to the ground. Is anyone paying attention?


Picture the scene.
From his fifth-floor window in Mennonite Central Committee's D.C. office, Daryl Byler can keep an eye on the Supreme Court while he takes calls from a press...
How a CIA cover-up sealed a husband's fate.


Sounds like a great Old Testament saga, doesn't it?—the sin of Enron. Well,
this may be a more biblical tale than we think.

The once mighty energy trader has become everyone's favorite whipping boy.
Unjustly so, I say.

Comparing Hasidic and Christian spirituality, a rabbi once said, "There is no joy in Christianity."

Since Sojourners is a bimonthly magazine, you depend on us to cover the breaking news, with up-to-the-minute commentary on hot stories like Afghanistan which, by the time you read this, should be well on its way to becoming an independent democracy.

Culture Watch

Studs Terkel reflects on life, death, and oral history.
During the month of March, PBS affiliates will be airing a documentary called Welcome to the Club—The Women of Rockabilly.
A few blocks away, a sidewalk mailbox is covered with a magic-marker tribute to a young man downed in a shooting—"RIP Boo"
My friends and I are young and hip. We buy local, ride bikes, vote for Nader, and we do not despise conspiracy theory.
All Christianity has to give, and all it needs to give, is the myth of the human Jesus.
Jewish-Christian "dialogue" is too often just that—an intellectual, theological discussion with no grounding in shared experience.
Driving north on I-75 through the flat state of Ohio, I'm usually scanning the horizon for those ticket-giving folks who, I'm told, like out-of-state cars.
A frequent comment by political pundits after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was that the United States lacks "good old-fashioned human intelligence" against terrorism.
In light of the 9-11 wars, people worldwide are digging more deeply into the study of applied nonviolence.


Of course it's not what I expected.
Years ago when my mother was quite ill, a friend copied a poem and surreptitiously slipped it into my Bible.
Back in college, when you were asked to declare your major, "faith-based community organizing" with a minor in "direct action" probably was not an option.
Employment Opportunities
At times we've discussed running articles on "pastoring in boom and bust"