The Common Good

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Cover Story

How do we nurture the healing side of religion over the killing side? How do we protect the soul of democracy against bad theology in service of an imperial state?


Race and politics in 2004.
It's not that we have so little power, it's that we don't use the power we have.
Song leader and scholar Bernice Johnson Reagon on what music teaches us about democracy, leadership, and the meaning of 'we.'
Latin American immigrants are changing the U.S. political landscape.


What part of 'never again' do we not understand?
On mourning in America.
What is 'artificial means' and what is nonnegotiable humane care?


Fallible creatures are not to be trusted with empire.

Revolutionary ideology is no match for rice and beans.

What is hiding behind the flag of 'moral decency'?

It's that special season again.


He died in a munitions explosion
Our cover feature by veteran journalist Bill Moyers is an adaptation of the keynote speech he delivered to a standing-room-only crowd at Call to Renewal's Pentecost 2004 event.