The Common Good
April 2005

A Better Way

by Sharon Pfaff | April 2005

Thank you so much for printing "

Thank you so much for printing "A Better Option" (by Jim Wallis, February 2005). I left my evangelical church when I felt that only the conservative Right philosophy was accepted and considered "godly." I found a more progressive church that upheld the value of caring for the earth, children, and the elderly, and having concern for the good of all peoples, not just Americans or believers. However, I miss belonging to a body of believers in the religion of my youth. This article gave me hope again, that this "fourth option" would create a place for someone like me to be united with other people of faith in a constructive way—politically as well as spiritually. There are many displaced people of faith that cannot find a place to share ideas and values. After a year of bitter division, there is hope after all!
Sharon Pfaff
Kenosha, Wisconsin

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