The Common Good
April 2005

Stop the Swinging

by Synje Oslovich | April 2005

I wholeheartedly agree with Jim Wallis'

I wholeheartedly agree with Jim Wallis’ "prophetic politics" ("A Better Option"). The two-party politics of the last election has only served to polarize our nation and our Christian communities. Over the years I have been frustrated by the lack of candidates who combine Christian personal values with a concern for social justice. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, and I am weary of having to choose "the lesser of two evils." My husband, a denominational pastor, and I were hard-pressed to offer parishioners advice during the last election.

I only wish Wallis had talked more about how to move America beyond the Republican/Democrat divide. Traditional parties have large campaign funds and support networks. Many Americans believe that voting for a nontraditional candidate is equivalent to throwing away their vote. How do we truly make a "fourth option" candidate viable? It is high time we stop the swing of the pendulum between right and left and adopt a unified vision that concerns itself with all of humanity.
Synje Oslovich
Vernon, Connecticut

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