The Common Good
August 2005

Hot! Hot! Hot!

by Rose Marie Berger, Mark Betz | August 2005

Imagine the scene.

Imagine the scene. The Sunday school class crowds around in a circle, waiting for the morning Bible story. The teacher sits down, opens the Holy Book, and with a whoosh the word of God ignites before the astonished faces of impressionable youth.

The Flaming Bible, sold by Murphy’s Magic Supplies, Inc., emits a bright (but perfectly safe) flame capable of grabbing the attention of even the most unruly youngsters. Perfect for the youth worker whose doctrinal interpretation of the "fear of God" is very literal, or the pastor with a flair for the dramatic, the flaming Bible will be sure to liven up any reading about the Pentecost story or those perpetual fires of Gehenna. Requires batteries, lighter fluid, and faith.

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