The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

The "facts on the ground" are troubling, but there's still hope for building a just peace in Israel-Palestine.
Is divestment the right tactic?
An Israeli officer resists the occupation.
The Presbyterian Church (USA): A case study.
An interview with Palestinian theologian Naim Ateek


What does a 16th century mystic have to say to 21st century peacemakers?


Only justice for all is justice at all.
Constructive engagement must ensure safety for both Israelis and Palestinians.
The human cost of the global war on terror.


Palestinian grievances are real and justified. So are Israeli fears.

Vietnam has moved beyond the Cold War mindset. We have not.

The ancient virtues help us to know God more intimately.

My feeble attempts at Spanish were complicated by the idiomatic peculiarities of the language.

Culture Watch

Colonizing the last commercial-free slice of the broadcast spectrum.
An Indigo Girl - and dad - talk about music as the mediator between God and our souls.


Among a people of faith, giftedness changes the world.