The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

Congregations find passion and purpose by blending ancient traditions and contemporary action.
New Community Covenant Church, Chicago.
Southside Presbyterian Church, Tucson.
Shiloh Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.


Whether founding schools or fixing toilets, Nelson good embodied community and faithful living.
Struggle and longing in the book of Matthew.
Why blessed uncertainty is the language of Advent.


Overcoming the mythology of AIDS.
The U.N. World Summit comes up short.
Are science and faith really incompatible?


I had mostly experienced an American Christianity without Christ.

We are stuck with half-baked measures to contain runaway medical costs.

The arrest slip identified my 'property' as a Bible, a set of keys, and shoelaces.

FEMA has announced a bold new initiative: Third Responders.

Culture Watch

Can democracy survive without an adversarial press?
Ron Hansen talks about stories, faith, and being a 'Christian writer.'


Peace, salvation, and the reign of God arrive with beauty and song.
For many of us, Nelson Good the subject of our incarnation focus in this issue was a fellow parishioner and community member, an indefatigable scheduler of retreats at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in