The Common Good

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Cover Story

The politics of abortion has been dominated by extreme views on either side, but now voters are looking for solutions, not slogans.
'How many of you are both pro-life and against the death penalty?'


A Bible study on welcoming the outsider.
Fearful of harsh border enforcement legislation and trapped in poverty, many immigrants turn to churches for help.
One set of faith-based principles for immigration reform is being promoted by the No More Deaths coalition, based in Tucson, Arizona.
What the church must learn from Rwanda.


Washington calls the kettle black.
The Walton empire gets political.
The Guantanamo prison is beyond the pale.


Would Jesus come to Davos if he were invited?

Today's toddler, in his front-facing carrier, thinks he can fly.

Culture Watch

The 'Triple-A' music format comes with a nice fit, but only for a few.
Hollywood shows little respect for working-class and poor people.
When the Sago mine explosion trapped 13 West Virginia miners 250 feet below ground in January, I was deep into Kettle Bottom, a stunning collection of poetry by Diane Gilliam Fisher that i
A few years ago, the “postmodern memoir” or “autobiographic novel” was all the rage among critics anxious to define new literary genres.
There is little that is "neutral" or "value-free."
Island Living


Peter's denials and Judas' betrayal foreshadow the reactionary horror to come.
The poor are with you always—
'I was a stranger and you welcomed me.' Jesus' words in Matthew are disarmingly simple, yet they encapsulate a core tenet of Christianity: radical inclusion.