The Common Good
June 2006

No Middle Ground

by Don Johnson | June 2006

[Regarding “Abortion: A Way Forward,” by Amy Sullivan, April 2006], I wish there was a “middle ground” to be found on all issues.

[Regarding “Abortion: A Way Forward,” by Amy Sullivan, April 2006], I wish there was a “middle ground” to be found on all issues. It would make human relationships so much easier. Abortion doesn’t seem to lend itself to that kind of compromise. My Quaker interpretation of Jesus is that his pacifism asserted that killing is always wrong. There is no middle ground between a living and dead fetus.

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I only applaud the reduction in abortion rates cited by Sullivan. I take exception to her implication that statistical “results” alone can serve as foundation for a system of laws. Jesus offered no exception to the principle of “no killing.” As his follower, I recognize war, capital punishment, and abortion as moral evils. They are deliberate violence, directed toward the light of Christ that resides in every human soul (John 1:9).

Don Johnson
River Falls, Wisconsin

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