The Common Good

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Cover Story

Collaboration between low- and middle-income people is one of the keys to rebuilding the broken American Dream.
A job should keep you out of poverty, not keep you in it.
We know how to create a better system. All we need is the moral outrage.
Helping people move up in the work force requires coordinated efforts.
Affordable housing is vital for working people- and for the health of our communities.


Churches play a positive role in the first democratic elections in more than 40 years.
Last November, a record 22,000 people gathered at the gates of the Fort Benning Military Reservation in Georgia to protest the military training school, for soldiers from Central and South American
An interview with 80-year-old Buddhist teacher and pacifist.
Forgiveness may be the most difficult and least-understood challenge every human being must face.


How do we ignore the poor? Let me count the ways.
Is the IRS unfairly targeting churches?
An uphill battle looms on the farm bill.


My dad was always one to deflect attention from himself and give the glory to God.

2007 is a Sabbath Year. Every seventh year, according to biblical tradition, the people of God are invited to observe a “Year of Remission” (Shmita, in Hebrew).

Culture Watch

Stitching for Social (and personal) change.
This message brought to you by anti-capitalist-capitalists.
The problem with a disease defined by an extraordinary number of dead, infected, and orphaned is that it is all too easy to lose sight of the individual.
Eva Mozes Kor was 9 years old when she and the rest of her family stepped off the train at Auschwitz. Within seconds, she lost sight of her father and two older sisters in the crowd.
Liberal churches are dying. Conservative churches are growing.


I went there once, to the place you’re imagining. It was purple, with wild geraniums under green-bright stars. All the constellations spelled words, like &
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C.
Why is it that so many jobs in America don't pay the bills?