The Common Good
April 2007

Code Words

by Katie Hochstedler | April 2007

I was disappointed with Sojourners on reading "Family Matters" (by Julie Polter, January 2007).

I was disappointed with Sojourners on reading "Family Matters" (by Julie Polter, January 2007). The article is disingenuous because Polter chose to use buzzwords of "pro-family" and "family values" while she avoided acknowledging these terms head-on for what they are—well-known code words for "anti-gay."

I have repeatedly experienced Sojourners as lukewarm on LGBT justice except when it is convenient to seem a little more progressive. Sojourners seems to pride itself on not directly attacking the queer community, but that is hardly a bold act of welcome. I long to hear Sojourners prophetically call for justice and equality for the LGBT community in both church and society. The church continues to fuel the fires of homophobia and heterosexism and risks irrelevancy unless leaders like Sojourners can break their silence, step out of complacency, and speak out for change.

Katie Hochstedler
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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