The Common Good
April 2007

News Bites

by Rose Marie Berger, Jonathan Mendez | April 2007

  • Catholic Vote?
  • Catholic Vote? The Democratic National Committee hired John Kelly, treasurer of Pax Christi USA, a national Catholic peace organization, to lead outreach to Catholic constituents.
  • PewTube. The Church of England and Britain's Methodist Church have launched a Web site that makes use of YouTube Internet video technology to promote fresh and contemporary means of worship. "You have to preach where people are listening," said a Church of England spokesperson on the project.
  • Clockwork Orange. On the fifth anniversary of the first "enemy combatant" prisoners arriving at the U.S. military's Guantanamo Bay detention center, more than 400 protesters—many wearing orange detainee jumpsuits—attempted to deliver habeas corpus motions on behalf of detainees to the U.S. Federal District Court. The protest was organized by the Christian group Witness Against Torture.
  • Mother/Soldier. More than 155,000 women have done military service in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 16,000 of those women are single mothers, according to the Pentagon.
  • Choose Life. The parents of murder victim Emily Murray, a 20-year-old Kenyon College student who hoped to become an Episcopal priest and who was killed in 2000, are asking that her murderer's death sentence be changed to life without parole, in accordance with Emily Murray's beliefs.
  • Human rights. Lawyer Gary Haugen, founder of the Christian organization International Justice Mission, was awarded Prison Fellowship's 2007 William Wilberforce Award for IJM's work against the global slave trade and human trafficking.
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