The Common Good

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Changing the world by changing the rules.
The mainstream media's blind spot on "free trade."
How Britain's Traidcraft went from church hall to the London Stock Exchange, without losing the faith.
Understanding the perils and promise of international trade. Includes Web Exclusive: List of additional readings and resources.
Three factors that are invisible to market fundamentalists.
Trade technocrats try to hide behind a veil of boring, but you can get beyond the jargon.
• Write your members of Congress to demand that they not renew the president's "fast track" authority on trade agreements, which ties Congress's hands by allowing it only to approv
1) As a citizen: Join the trade justice movement Go to the "get involved" or "take action" links on the following Web sites: U.S.
Balancing the scales with justly traded chocolate.
A Bethlehem factory produces fair trade clothing by unionizing workers.
What will we see if we view the global economy through the lens of faith?
The Scottish district of East Renfrewshire has—along with towns, villages, schools, and more than 1,000 churches throughout Britain—recently secured "fair trade status." Ken Macintosh,


Rich Cizik is part of a broad and growing evangelical consensus on global warming.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Although, some less so than others.

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Now playing near you: A global monoculture.


Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C.
When we think of trade, most of us consider it the fiefdom of governments and multinational corporations -it seems a horribly complicated topic that's impossible to understand, let alone do anythin