The Common Good

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Cover Story

Proponents claim that nuclear energy is the power source of the future - clean, green, and safe. Are they right?
Every year, 1 million radioactive shipments crisscross the U.S.


The Jubilee movement works to free the world's poorest countries from debt.
Corruption is a problem in Kenya and many countries. Where corruption is intractable, trust funds can be used to ensure that money freed by debt cancellation is used to benefit the poor.
Through the Jubilee USA Congregations program, faith communities across the U.S.
Asserting that "it takes two to tango," the Jubilee movement argues that it is high time lenders assume their share of responsibility for the debt crisis.
Jubilee South campaigners go beyond calls for debt relief.
A reflection on the cost of discipleship.
An eyewitness to massacre and genocide finds shame, hope, and possibility for a moral world.


Pushing back efforts to remilitarize Japan.
The continuing vitality of liberation theology
What churches need to know.


The presidential forum clearly showed that faith is alive and well on both sides of the political aisle.

It's very complicated to have hope.

Only one man can beat Fred Thompson in the 2008 race.

Culture Watch

A journalist's portrait of a pandemic.
It's time to bring fairness back to the nation's airwaves.
In spring 1998, James Dobson, founder and head of Focus on the Family, was mad, and he traveled to Washington, D.C., to vent his fury.
Three quarters of Americans say they do not know their neighbors.
The activist connected the war machine with the abandonment of U.S. urban centers.


From far-out depths they come, swell swelling swell, 'til cresting they salute the sky and tumble towards sand that waits immemorially to receive them. Summer u
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C.
"You have a glowing future." That nice sentiment becomes a little ominous when you think of it in terms of nuclear technology.