The Common Good

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Cover Story

Socially responsible investing has morphed into a $2 trillion mainstream industry.


They say: Whom do I wrong by keeping my property? What, tell me, is your property? Where did you find it and brought it to your life?
A biblical framework for understanding money's grip on us -- and how to break free.
How putting our money into community investments -- such as specific banks, credit unions, or microcredit funds -- can help create social change.
How to live in the light of God's abundance and provision.
For members of the philanthropic group Bolder Giving, generosity pays.
Five ways to put the brakes on predatory lending.
New investment strategies among native people help create holistic and sustainable communities.
Teaching our kids (and ourselves) to be smart -- and generous -- about money.
Why I'm a shareholder activist.
From Dorothy Day's letter to the treasurer of New York City, 1960.
How can we turn our money toward service to God and others? Get started with this guide to dozens of Web sites with nuts-and-bolts advice.


Serving God with your money, in boom times and bust.


Sadly, many white Americans are still in denial about black frustration and anger.

Here at Sojourners, we neither toil nor spin.

Culture Watch

Does economic growth depend on consumer spending?


Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost are not three distinct seasons, but rather celebrations of and grapplings with three aspects of Christ’s resurrection and what they mean about Jesus, God, Sp
When we sat down to plan this special issue on faith and money, the tune buzzing in the back of our heads was from that catchy Sunday school song, "This Little Light of Mine"-specifically the line,