The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

The good news: God's sustaining power is not tied to the Dow.
Honest preaching in difficult days.
Being vessels of that perfect love that casts out fear.


When President Bush leaves office in January, he’ll take with him the cadre of neo-cons who shaped the administration’s foreign policy over the last eight years.
Why Africa is a land of endless possibilitiy -- and how that should guide U.S. relations with the continent.
Five things we must do now for Darfur and Congo.
Forming relations with people of faith in the Holy Land could help transform the U.S. role in the region.
A plea from Christians in the Middle East.
How a Howard Thurman lecture series has transformed a university -- and much more.


What is the responsibility of Christians?

The great wheel of the Christian liturgical year is turning once again.

The following is an excerpt from economic philosopher Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations treatise, one of the driving intellectual forces behind contemporary market theory.

Culture Watch

Fred Rogers, the creator and host of the children?s TV show, Mister Rogers?
Saving a Kentucky community and its culture, one kid at a time.
In Disciples of the Street, Eric Gutierrez weaves three storylines into a narrative about the role of hip-hop in Christian ministry.
Voices of the Movement


Imperfection is the place where the spirit enters, the small hole in your shirt, the loosening threads of carpet, the ache in your soul for forgiveness.
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for December.
The economic crisis presents particular challenges and questions for people of faith: What is the appropriate Christian response?