The Common Good
June 2009

Forgiveness 101

by Steven Deutsch | June 2009

I appreciated Rose Marie Berger’s piece on forgiveness (“Just Forgive,” March 2009).

I appreciated Rose Marie Berger’s piece on forgiveness (“Just Forgive,” March 2009). Forgiveness is central to the message of Jesus and much needed in today’s world—not just in forgiving debts to impoverished nations, but in the ways of human relationships. Psychotherapist Stephen Levine, in his book A Year to Live, challenges us to complete unresolved emotional issues by retracing our lives and giving thanks, apology, and forgiveness to ourselves and others whose lives we have touched.

Connecting this to Berger, I see this as helping us become spiritually better able to move forward in life as individuals with balance, charity, and love for self and others—which, in turn, allows moving faith into action. Berger’s essay is an important contribution that is much larger than the modest number of words she offers. Many thanks!

Steven Deutsch, Seattle, Washington

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