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September/October 2009

All 'A-Twitter' Over Sex

by Sojourners Readers | September/October 2009

What I wish I learned in church about sex.

"Sex is beautiful, given to us by God. It's about another person's soul."

With social media happening at rapid-fire speed, Sojourners decided to put Twitter to the test and see what insights our 4,261 followers could provide into what the church should teach about sex.

Here’s what they had to say in response to the questions, “What do you wish you’d learned in church about sex when you were younger? And what do you wish you were learning in church about sex now?”

Church should be teaching that sex within marriage is not only OK, but really awesome (or has the potential to be).

A) where the Bible specifically says that sex is wrong before marriage, and B) to have a discipleship program that allows kids to ask questions about sex.

I wish churches would teach not just the morality of sex but the power of it. Not just dire consequence but great pleasure.

I wish I had learned that having sex didn’t make me beyond forgiveness. I also wish I knew how unique a bond sex creates between people.

That sex is beautiful. It’s given to us by God. It’s not to be squandered as a commodity. Also, sex is always about another person’s soul.

I think the church needs to learn what it thinks about sex before trying to teach anyone about it!

That the guilt over sex they taught me wouldn’t magically go away with “I do.” Really messed me up.

I wish they would have told me I was loved and liked no matter my sexual orientation. That sex is fun and should be fun as well.

Wish I’d heard real-life examples of how to handle situations. And reinforcement that I can say “no” and be heard and be OK.

I think sex education is a human rights issue. We are all sexual beings and we deserve to know about our sexuality and to express it.

I wish that something other than “being gay is wrong” was said regarding LGBT issues, particularly when I got into a mainline church.

I wish that it was normalized, rather than made into the unpardonable sin. That it’s a normal part of life and God thinks it’s good.

I wish we simply would have had more discussions about sex and a lot less lectures.

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