The Common Good
November 2009

‘Redemptive’ Sex?

by Karol Svoboda | November 2009

I found “Sex Without Shame” very disturbing.

I found “Sex Without Shame” very disturbing. I agree with most of what Graber Miller says on the beauty of sex and the need for it to be more openly talked about in a positive light, and that it should come from a committed, intimate relationship. I agree that the church has throughout history often condemned what God has given as a beautiful gift. But what disturbs me is that I see no clear mention of marriage being the God-intended relationship for sex. If the biblical understanding of marriage is not the reference we base our values of sexual relationship on, then we have nothing solid to offer a world messed up by media images of sex and self-centered relationships.

God created us and gave us sex as a gift to enjoy within the “safety” of a good marriage. If Graber Miller’s “redemptive sexual counterculture” defines the “rules” for shameless sex by “human” definition, leaving out God’s definition of marriage as being the committed relationship where sex is safe, I fail to see how this is redemptive.        

Karol Svoboda, San Francisco, California

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