The Common Good

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What have we learned from the financial crisis?


A Toronto church wall speaks to the vibrancy of faith, thanks to the work of four aerosol artists.
Today's Jewish social justice movement is renewing its strength with faith and grassroots power.
Geneticist Francis Collins -- new director of the National Institutes of Health -- talks about faith, science, and the spiritual practices that sustain him.


Gross Domestic Product mislabels damage to the planet.
Give the global-South anti-corruption activist a fighting chance.
The case for faith, not prison, to prevent youth crime.


I have written a new book—one I didn’t plan to write, but which emerged as we responded to the economic crisis that has gripped the nation and the world.

I recently attended a private symposium of Christian leaders—scientists, theologians, and pastors, along with other scholars.

Ah, February, the month that is, for those of us in northern climates, the coldest, darkest, and, blessedly, shortest month of the year. It is also the time when, as the St.

There are two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time, and will ever continue to struggle, declared Abraham Lincoln in 1858: “the common right of humanity and the d

I’ve been surfing the Internet, looking for ways to escape the coming apocalypse that ancient Mayans, using science available at the time, predicted for two years from now.

Culture Watch

David Bazan on how he became an agnostic -- and lived to sing about it.
City of Belief, by Nicole d'Entremont
God’s design for our lives includes stewardship of everything we have received. Most followers of Jesus give of their finances and volunteer their time, but stewardship also means responsible living with our cars, homes, energy consumption, water use, and so on. In these areas God provides an opportunity for wisdom and discernment on our part. At the very beginning of scripture, in Genesis 1, God outlines a partnership that is wider and greener than many of us realize. It is inconsistent if we slap our 10 percent into the collection plate and then head home in a gas-guzzling car and flip on all the lights
Blessed Are …
Cormac McCarthy’s novels are the Ecclesiastes of postmodern American literature—finely wrought chunks of sparseness in which the protagonists struggle to survive a violent or deadening
Bio: Author of The Hip-Hop Church; Senior pastor of
Was Jack Kerouac a keeper of visions or a self-destructive individualist?


Because I lay on my back as a boy in the grass of the small yard behind our house watching clouds move and become faces, mostly,
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C