The Common Good

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Blacks and whites use drugs at about the same rate, yet African Americans are 10 times as likely to be imprisoned for drug offenses. The unbalanced effects of the 'war on drugs.'
Where prisoners stand in the divine politics of Jesus.


Listening for God's voice at each new stage of life.
He was in the army. Then he realized that, as a Christian, he couldn't kill. An Iraq vet grapples with conscience and war.
Seven myths and seven paradoxes of Christian leadership.
A newspaper columnist in Memphis confronts racism in her hometown -- and is surprised to discover she is not alone.


U.S. militarization of the border takes a stark toll in lives, human rights, and money.
The moral route is clear: Obama must take a stand.
What brings churches together? Is a common language enough?


Time and again, we heard from President Obama on the campaign trail that Washington was broken and he was running for president to fix it.

When Pastor Terry Jones threatened to burn Qurans at his church in Florida this fall, he hurt a lot of Muslims I know. He also hurt a lot of Christians.

Six Christian women from an evangelical church in Texas invited six Jewish women from a local synagogue and six Muslim women from a local mosque to form a cooking club.

Last week the body of a young woman was found near my house. She was 17 years old. She'd been murdered. The garbage men reported finding her in a supercan in the alley.

As one would predict, many humor writers are taking cheap shots at the new pat-down rules at airports. But at Sojourners we're different.

Culture Watch

Two very different tellings of the life and times of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, by Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, and Enuma Okoro. Zondervan.
Split Ticket: Independent Faith in a Time of Partisan Politics, edited by Amy Gopp, Christian Piatt, Brandon Gilvin. Chalice Press.
On a September morning in 1963, terror came to the Sixteenth Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.
In the past two years, the culture wars have been complicated on the Right by the rise of the "tea party." In a time of grave economic crisis and massive government action, the traditional right-wi
Preachers in American fiction are usually not to be trusted -- Elmer Gantry might steal from you, the priest in Mystic River might kidnap you, Robert Duvall’s Sonny i
The Spirit Moves
Bio: Helps local women's groups in Central America, Mexico, and Haiti start and run grant-seeded community lending pools. Website:


My husband, he die without water in desert. Walking Saudi Arabia -- no jobs in Yemen for policemen from Somalia.
We enter into a season focused on Christ’s human possibility as a defiant alternative to the human self proposed by the dominant values of our culture.