The Common Good
February 2012

A More Excellent Way

by S. Holmgreen | February 2012

Jim Wallis packed a lot of ideas into “An Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street” (December 2011). I’m hoping he will expand on his final statement that we need to think in terms of a new spirituality. To me, that means basic changes in our everyday lives. I don’t think most people realize how much their thinking has been influenced by advertising and other media. We have become obsessed with having the newest, latest clothes, toys, tech stuff, cars, etc.

Our values have been turned upside down. The need to have so much stuff has made us financially insecure at best. Caring for others has been reduced to giving money to charity. Caring for our kids is about giving them stuff.

I would like to see this new, younger generation reject consumerism. Yup, that does sound un-American. We need to stop focusing on making money and junk and focus on putting our energy into what is truly beneficial to the health and well-being of the inhabitants of this planet.       

S. Holmgren
St. Paul, Minnesota

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