The Common Good
April 2013

Teaching for Peace

by Ken McCormack | April 2013

Rick Love argues in "A Heart for Peace" (February 2013) that peace must begin in the heart of individuals. After making peace with God and ourselves, we can then move out into the rest of the world. Gandhi argued that if we are to have such peace, it must begin with children.

Eighteen years ago, in a small town on the Oregon coast, Rev. Charles Busch instituted Peace Village, an interfaith weeklong summer day camp for children ages 6 to 12, to follow precisely those principles. There are now 21 villages in 10 states and Haiti. By learning about role models such as Mahatma Gandhi and St. Francis, and developing critical awareness of the media, the environment, and nutrition, children learn to build a less violent culture for their future.

Ken McCormack
Neskowin, Oregon

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