The Common Good
August 2014

VIDEO: John Oliver's Wealth Gap Rant

by The Editors | August 2014

Comedian John Oliver on how economic inequality is killing the American dream.

John Oliver brought on the full snark this week as he discussed a hot topic in America: the growing wealth gap. (Yep, he went there.) In what President Obama has called “the defining challenge of our time,” economic inequality is killing the American dream.

As Julie Polter, a Sojourners senior associate editor, explains in “The Rich Get Richer” (August 2014), the extreme inequality gap “unravels participatory democracy and leads to the rule of the few over the many.” In other words, money talks…so forget about that one person, one vote thing.

Read more to find out how “we the people” can revive American democracy by closing the gap on wealth inequality. And check out Oliver’s excellent diatribe on the wealth divide. You won't be disappointed.

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