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At home, the National Association of Evangelicals and partners from several other Christian dominations have formed the "Circle of Protection" to petition Congress to keep its monetary commitments to aid these and other assistance programs.
In a move that may be surprising to some, evangelicals have formed a coalition with progressive Christians as well as Catholics to oppose federal budget cuts that would hurt the poor.
Giving up chocolate, TV, coffee, and now, for some, Facebook, is normal for Lent. But a faith community is asking two Christian radio stations to give up something unusual this year – Glenn Beck.
The group also lobbied Congress in a newspaper ad entitled “What Would Jesus Cut?” – borrowing from the popular “What Would Jesus Do,” the phrase was printed for Congressmen to see in the Monday edition of the Politico newspaper.
The majority of Americans prefer a partial shutdown of the U.S. government until both political parties can agree on cutting government spending and reducing the federal debt.
Billy Graham met privately with Fox News host Glenn Beck for a three-hour discussion last Saturday
More than 50 prominent religious leaders, including megachurch pastors T.D. Jakes and Joel C. Hunter , have signed an open letter to members of Congress encouraging national "soul searching" and urging civil discourse in the aftermath of the tragic Arizona shooting.
The Senate blocked on Saturday a vote on the DREAM Act which would have provided children of illegal immigrants a conditional pathway to apply for citizenship.
WASHINGTON – Faith leaders and supporters of the DREAM Act participated in a “Jericho march” around the U.S. Senate building on Tuesday in hopes that opponents to the bill will fall in favor of the immigration reform.
Though no faith-based social service provider should ever discriminate who they serve if they receive public funds, there is a need for groups to “preserve” their religious identity,” progressive evangelical leader Jim Wallis has contended. “To do what they do, faith organizations must maintain their identity.”