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The state of the union certainly isn't good for the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, especially for the children who live in poverty -- one in every five American children, and one of every three children of color.
“These terrorists are really blasphemers, I would say, theologically. They are blaspheming God.”
Rev. Jim Wallis spoke with HuffPost Live at Davos about being arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, saying his arrest was much different than the arrests of young black men there.
These were snubs that didn't sit well with anyone, especially Rev. Jim Wallis.
Our first response to the horrible and frightening violence of Paris should be grief.
The movement's lessons have shaped my life. I feel like I am about to meet my heroes.
We often only use the word in the context of our New Years, but "resolution" is a nuanced noun.
The question is: Are we white people going to listen or not?
"America, we have a problem."
America, we have a problem. It's past time to fix it, and the church must stand alongside a new generation of young leaders and help the nation find the way forward.