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WASHINGTON -- As Congress' negotiations over a resolution to keep the government funded devolve, exasperated religious leaders on Monday said the deep federal budgets cuts being proposed are immoral. In response, they're going on a hunger strike.
Rev. Jim Wallis shares on the Huffington Post 10 reasons why he is fasting for a better budget.
Faced with an unjust rule of Persian king who threatened the very lives of her Jewish people, the Jewish heroine Queen Esther called on the faithful to fast and pray for their rulers to have a change of heart.
"My friend Tony Hall told me several weeks ago that he felt called to a period of fasting in response to the budget debate that now dominates Congress." -David Beckmann
It's time for spiritual escalation. The extreme budget cuts proposed to critical programs that save the lives, dignity and future of poor and vulnerable people have crossed the line.
Every era, every decade, gets the Jesus it wants, even the Jesus it deserves.
This is sheer hypocrisy. And it is the direct, overt, and shameful favoring of the rich over everyone else.
"Budgets are moral documents." These words from the Rev. Jim Wallis reflect a simple yet powerful fact about our democratic process: where we put our money reveals how we define our values.
In a credit to both Republicans and Democrats, Congress just passed a measure that will avoid a government shutdown for at least the next two weeks. This means that there is still time to protect the poor and most vulnerable during the budget debate.
In November, 2010, Marine 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly was killed by a landmine in Afghanistan. He became one of now nearly 1,500 young Americans to die there. Yet, unlike previous wars, the cost of this war is touching only a very small percentage of Americans -- less than 1 percent of the population is in the armed forces, leaving most of the public unaware of what is happening.