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Another major concern is the possibility he could give the go-ahead to the Keystone XL pipeline, a TransCanada project that will deliver Canadian tar sands to oil refiners in Texas. The Franciscan Action Network characterises the pipeline as tapping into "the second largest and dirtiest oil reserves on the planet". They were among rally participants demanding that Obama reject the pipeline. Others included the Columban Missionary Society, members of the US-based Catholic Coalition on Climate Change and the ecumenical Sojourners community.
He knew Justice and Peace activists would be familiar with Jim Wallis of the Sojourners Community in the US who said that, “the churches are fantastic at pulling drowning people out of the river, but a part of the churches’ task is to go upstream and see what is driving them into the river”.
The 'Circle of Protection' a consortium of of more than 65 US church leaders, heads of denominations, relief and development agencies, and other Christian organizations, invited the presidential candidates - President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney - to submit short video statements outlining their policies on how they plan to work to alleviate poverty.