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But human events (to say nothing of many humans) have so far refused to play along with Geller’s vision. In each city where the ads have appeared, individuals and organizations have denounced the placards, calling them out as the verbal cluster bombs they really are. In both San Francisco and New York, groups of bus and subway scribes garnished the ads with signs saying “racist” and “hate speech.” Interfaith groups have issued moving statements against them, and Sojourners, the Christian social justice organization, took out its own subway billboards, these ones saying, “Love Your Muslim Neighbor.” Even Fox News, which has been only too eager to shill for Geller in the past, deemed the ads “so inflammatory” that Happening Now, the network’s weekday news(ish) program, blocked out the word “savage” when showing viewers the ad.
Writing for The Nation, Tom Hayden congratulates the many organizations that have kept pressure on the Obama Administration regarding Afghanistan.
Writing for "The Nation," George Zornick covers the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, DC. In the article, Jim Wallis is criticizes the conference's wrong priorities, as well as the priorities of its organizer, Ralph Reed.
Writing for The Nation's group blog, "The Notion," Allison Kilkenny reports on the hunger fast in which Jim Wallis is participating as a response to immoral budget cuts that target the poor and vulnerable.
In his blog, the Beat, The Nation journalist John Nichols highlights Jim Wallis' message that budgets are moral documents
The great guessing game in official Washington – and the surrounding punditocracy – this week goes to the question of whether President Obama will use his State of the Union Address to open a discussion about making changes to Social Security that would undermine the retirement guarantee the federal government has maintained for three quarters of a century.