The Common Good

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Jim Wallis, an evangelical Christian and editor of Sojourners magazine, writes that, in all Abrahamic religions, love of God comes first and then is immediately connected to our neighbor. Christians are to care for themselves and families, then are asked to care for “our neighbors as ourselves and our neighbor's children as our children.” Wallis believes this is “an ethic that could transform the world.”
The result has been that, since 1980, American evangelicals have become part of the base of the Republican Party, with a large percentage of evangelicals voting for the GOP in national elections. At times, it seemed as if the church was simply the Republican Party at prayer. Some evangelicals, such as Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo, have been trying for years to challenge evangelicals to broaden their social agenda to consider issues of poverty, justice and equity when voting for a candidate.
The biggest conflict facing people of faith today is not between belief and secularism, the founder and editor of Sojourners magazine believes. It's between hope and cynicism.