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Taylor Marsh

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This afternoon Sojourners released Obama, Romney Answer Faith Leaders’ Call to Address Poverty in Election. Christian leaders asked, and the presidential nominees answered. The poverty rate in America is still at a staggering 15 percent and 46.2 million Americans remain in poverty — what is your plan to address the problem? The Circle of Protection, composed of Christian leaders from across the religious spectrum, released President Barack Obama’s and GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s video responses today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
Today’s release by the U.S. Census Bureau, “2011 Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Estimates From the Current Population Survey,” had some good news, in that the poverty levels are statistically unchanged. The not good news is that the level at which poverty is holding is that to which it significantly increased over the three previous years. As HuffPo headlines it: “U.S. Poverty: Census Finds 46.2 Million Impoverished As Median Income Drops.”