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Events in Atlanta June 11 and Washington June 12 reflected the latest push from advocates for comprehensive immigration reform, this time focused on making it an election issue.
Now for some not-as-good news: Someone trying to discredit the Industrial Areas Foundation, a community organizing group, created a failed hoax to "expose" an IAF affiliate. Tim King of Sojourners says that this is an example of casting those who don't agree with us as "evil" rather than just respecting our differences.
Happy Veterans Day! Today, Tim King at Sojourners calls on everyone to be a good neighbor to a vet, even if you didn't support the war they fought in.
As Rita Nakashima of the Huffington Post points out, veterans are now more likely to seek out clergy during treatment, as traditional clinical mental health does not train in areas of theology or philosophy, where those suffering from moral injury are seeking counsel. Even within clinical treatment, veterans are often referred to chaplains when asking moral questions or expressing grief or shame. Jim Wallis has also voiced the need for religious support of veterans, saying on the God’s Politics blog at Sojourners, “Religious communities must reach out now more than ever to returning veterans to make sure they have the physical, emotional, and spiritual support they need…No matter what our view of the war, it is our collective responsibility to be healers for those who are coming home.”
Mitt Romney has said that voters shouldn't cast their ballot based on a candidate's religion or where he or she worships. Meanwhile, Bryan Cones thinks that we should put faith in our vote and Jim Wallis discusses "Biblical politics," saying that "to change injustice, you must confront politics." And according to Herman Cain, Jesus was the "perfect conservative." As Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite points out, Cain needs to remember that Jesus did not live in a democracy.
Speaking of radicals calling for change, let’s not forget about that radical guy named Jesus. Today Sojourners reminds us that the gospel should be offensive, as Jesus was someone who shocked and challenged the people of his culture. Here at, Scott Alessi reminds critics of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development that not only did Jesus work with the righteous, he spent time with the sinners, as well.
Let us also remember that this means we are quickly approaching the 10th year of the war in Afghanistan. Sojourners has recently released a sobering video that reminds us of this, pointing out the war’s many costs to our nation, both monetary and moral.
The budget resolution—and its effects on the poor—has the potential to be the defining moral mark of the Obama administration. The question is: Will they pay attention to the most vulnerable among us while attempting to solve this crisis?