The Common Good

In The Warm Hold of Your Loving Mind

In The Warm Hold of Your Loving Mind Press Items
"The wonderful thing about transcendence is that it scoops us up locally and globally, backward and forward. As I participate in a liturgical service, I am investing in the local community, making peace with those I see on a regular basis, lifting up prayers of joy and concern week after week, and communing around ancient symbols of nourishment and sustenance. This practice of gathering around a common structure has historically guided the global church and continues to direct us today, giving these words and rituals enduring meaning. I don’t believe that transcendence can only be found in high-church traditions, but there is great value in holding on to practices that have sustained large portions of the church for so long...For a moment I felt guilty, sinful even for letting this elder kneel before me. But in that moment, the gospel made more sense to me than it ever had. This is the good news, even though it doesn’t make any sense."
"But political quibbles aside, I remain convinced that what Springsteen actually does for a living is more important to the life of our country than the work of any living politician, and I saw living proof that very same week...America, when will you be worthy of your E Street Band?"