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Response from Jim Wallis to President Obama's State of the Union Address. Calls on lawmakers from both parties to find common ground for the common good. Rev. Jim Wallis, the President and CEO of Sojourners, has released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address tonight:
REV. JIM WALLIS COMMENDS ACTION FROM CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT OBAMA Wallis declares now is the time for immigration reform In response to President Obama’s speech on comprehensive immigration reform, Rev. Jim Wallis has released the following statement:
REV. JIM WALLIS AFFIRMS CITIZENSHIP PRINCIPLES FROM GANG OF EIGHT Wallis Reinforces Evangelicals’ Efforts to ‘Welcome the Stranger’ In response to today’s announcement from the Gang of Eight on the agreed upon principles for comprehensive immigration reform, Rev. Jim Wallis has released the following statement:
On Monday, Jan. 14, during a telephonic press conference, the Evangelical Immigration Table, a group of influential evangelicals who support immigration reform, will reach out to political leaders and more than 100,000 churches as it launches the “I Was a Stranger” immigration prayer challenge.
Christian Leaders Call for New Revenue to Protect Programs Serving Low-Income People
In the midst of the deficit reduction debate Christian leaders and the heads of some of the nation’s largest charitable organizations, including Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army, released an open letter to Congress today calling for a plan that protects low-income families. The letter states: “We pray during this season, in which we give thanks and offer gifts, that you will advance policies that protect the poor — not ones that make them poorer.”
Leaders from the Circle of Protection will hold a press call on Tuesday, November 20th, to release an open letter to Congress and the President. The letter calls on leaders to protect the poor in their deficit talks in the upcoming fiscal cliff negotiations. Participants on the call will discuss legislative action and a call to advocacy for the poor in connection with the traditional holiday food baskets.
In response to the impending fiscal cliff, as well as coalition meetings with President Obama, Jim Wallis, President and CEO of Sojourners has released the following statement:
Leaders from across the evangelical community came together today to release open letters to President Obama and to the House and Senate leadership, seeking action on immigration policy. On a press call this morning, leaders discussed the implications of the 2012 election and their plans for harnessing the growing consensus in the evangelical community around reform.
Sojourners 10/16/2012
Today in Washington, Sojourners released a study focused on young evangelicals. Meant to explore the post-Culture War politics of a generation of young, civically engaged Christians, the study detailed several emerging dynamics. The demographic overview showed mostly single, highly educated self-identifying evangelical Christians, 92% of which attended church once or more per week. The study asked about both church and civic life, and found that while 61% of respondents heard about homosexuality from the pulpit within the last year, 73% heard about poverty from the pulpit. The study also notes that, like the general public, 60% list both economic issues like jobs and budget issues as one of the two most important issues in deciding their vote in the 2012 election, countering the conventional wisdom that evangelicals vote predominantly on social issues.
Washington, D.C. is the latest city to see Sojourners’ “Love Your Muslim Neighbors” campaign. The campaign counters the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s hateful anti-Muslim ads, which read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad,” which were first displayed in New York City, but have now spread to the District’s Metro system. Washington Metro Area Transit Authority delayed displaying the offensive ads, but was ordered last week by District Judge Rosemary Collyer to produce them. Sojourners has launched a fundraising campaign to bring their "Love Your Muslim Neighbors" ad campaign to the D.C. Metro system. After an overwhelmingly positive response, Sojourners announced today that they will buy two ads, which should be up on or around Monday, October 15, one in the Georgia Avenue/Pentworth station, and one in the U Street station.
The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo is the most recent site of violence and vandalism against religious minorities in America, specifically Muslims. As a result of arson attack on Sunday, Sept. 30, Sojourners is calling on Christians to stand up against the hatred. Continuing a billboard and ad campaign with reaches from Wisconsin to New York City, Sojourners is erecting a billboard near the destroyed Perrysburg mosque that reads “Love Your Muslim Neighbors.”
Sojourners 09/26/2012
Over 1,100 Nationwide Screenings--Attendees Will Push Poverty as Central Election Issue Significant Screenings in Key States: Virginia, Colorado, Florida, Ohio.
Christians across the country are standing up to counter anti-Muslim ads running in the New York City subway system. City transit officials have cited the ads as hate speech, but a federal judge ruled that the ads are protected by the constitution. Sojourners has launched a fundraising campaign to bring their "Love Your Muslim Neighbor" ad campaign to the NYC subway system. The ad campaign has been running since July in hotspots for religious tension across the United States.
Sojourners 09/20/2012
EMERGING VOICES: NEWEST SOJOURNERS INITIATIVE Rev. Wallis Announces New National Program to Mentor and Lift up Young Leaders
Sojourners 09/20/2012
STEM Encouraging, but Not Enough Faith values call for comprehensive immigration reform
As the U.S. Census Bureau releases its annual poverty figures, faith leaders from the Circle of Protection will release exclusive videos from President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney stating their positions on hunger and poverty.
Taylor Marsh 09/12/2012
This afternoon Sojourners released Obama, Romney Answer Faith Leaders’ Call to Address Poverty in Election. Christian leaders asked, and the presidential nominees answered. The poverty rate in America is still at a staggering 15 percent and 46.2 million Americans remain in poverty — what is your plan to address the problem? The Circle of Protection, composed of Christian leaders from across the religious spectrum, released President Barack Obama’s and GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s video responses today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
Release of new exclusive videos from President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney to people of faith on poverty issues. Faith leaders highlight worsening poverty numbers on the day of the U.S. Census Bureau release. Leaders will announce a robust outreach and education strategy to reach grassroots Christian voters through the videos.