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Media Advisories and Press Releases

Sojourners 06/25/2012
Ruling reinforces need for federal immigration reform that upholds faith values
Sojourners 06/20/2012
Campaign follows release of Evangelical Statement of Principles on Immigration Reform
Sojourners 06/15/2012
Administrative Relief For Dream Act–Eligible Young People Reinforces Faith Values
Sojourners 06/12/2012
Broad coalition unites under immigration reform principles, launches ad buys in swing states
Sojourners 05/10/2012
Encourages respect for equal rights, religious liberty, civil discourse Washington DC, May 10 – Yesterday, President Obama announced his personal support for same-sex marriage. Within the Christian community and the nation at large, there are a diversity of opinions regarding human sexuality. While often a divisive issue, Sojourners has released the following statement encouraging respect for equal rights, religious liberty, and civil discourse.
Sojourners 04/19/2012
SOJOURNERS LAUNCHES 2012 ELECTION CAMPAIGN, VIDEO “Voting for Us,” With Party Affiliation in Decline, Campaign Focuses on People and Issues Young Evangelicals Have Broadening Moral Concerns but Remain Politically Homeless
Full quotation and links to relevant resources on the faith response to Rep. Paul Ryan's 2013 budget.
Click here for full list (Name, City, State) of grassroots pastors who signed Sojourners' Faith and Election Pledge
Sojourners 01/18/2012
Christian and Other Faith Leaders Praise Administration’s Decision to Put Creation over Narrow Corporate Interests
Faith Values Reinforced In New Rules On Family Unity Waivers
Sojourners 01/04/2012
President and CEO of Sojourners Steps Back from Washington to Write and Reflect
Sojourners 12/08/2011
National Religious Leaders Unite and Respond to Gov. Perry’s Newest Iowa Ad, “Strong”
Sojourners 11/22/2011
Rev. Wallis Blasts Supercommittee’s Failure President and CEO of Sojourners Praises Unified Christian Leaders, Criticizes Political Stalemate
Sojourners 11/17/2011
New Poll: Majority of White Evangelicals Oppose Cutting Federal Programs That Help the Poor Public Religion Research Released New Poll Numbers Today Indicating Dramatic Differences Between National Narrative and Evangelical Principle
Sojourners 11/11/2011
Sojourners Honored with Eddie and Ozzie Awards from Folio, Magazine Industry Powerhouse
Sojourners 11/09/2011
Sojourners Launches New Website and Digital Magazine Expanding Online Presence Sojourners Celebrates 40 Years of Faith in Action for Social Justice