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Faith Leaders and Students from LA, TX, OH, NC, FL, ME, NH, IL, KS Rally and Pray, Reminding Senators of their Urgent Task
Sojourners 12/13/2010
Clergy and Students from LA, TX, OH, NC, FL, MA, SC, NH, IL Rally and Pray for America’s Future at Emergency Prayer Summit
Sojourners 12/07/2010
Rev. Wallis to White House: Free Bernard Pastor
Sojourners 11/04/2010
Rev. Wallis publishes a weeklong series on creating and sustaining a vision after the 2010 election.
Two weeks ago during the Sojourners Truth and Civility Election Watch, Rev. Jim Wallis warned about the connection between “violence of tongue, fist and heart.” This connection was made after a Move On staff person was dragged to the ground and stomped in the head by a Rand Paul campaign coordinator.
Dear Candidate, Party Organization, PAC, Super-PAC or anyone Committee that happens to be contributing to the non-stop political ads that have flooded my TV, Give us all a break!
Sojourners 10/21/2010
Just in time for the election, one of the nation’s leading public theologians analyzes what some Tea Partiers think about God and why it will matter on Election Day. One in four Christian conservatives claim to be a part of the Tea Party movement, according to a recent survey, but Sojourners President Jim Wallis gives seven reasons that Jesus might not sign up among their ranks.
Sojourners 10/18/2010
WASHINGTON, DC –– Just before the congressional recess, Sen. Robert Menendez(D-NJ) and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced comprehensive immigration reform legislation in the United States Senate. The following is a statement from Rev. Jennifer Kottler, director of policy and advocacy at Sojourners:
WASHINGTON, DC – Sojourners, the country’s largest network of Social Justice Christians, launched a “Truth and Civility Election Watch” on Thursday, September 23. The campaign is highlighting media figures and politicians who leave both truth and civility behind during the election season. Rev. Jim Wallis said, “The level of our public discourse has hit new lows. From politicians to commentators, I keep hearing the same thing, ‘We’ve never seen it get this bad.’”
Sojourners 07/15/2010
As the U.S. Senate passed the conference committee report on the financial regulatory reform bill today, Rev. Jim Wallis – an evangelical leader, author of Rediscovering Values, and president of Sojourners (the largest network of social justice Christians in the United States) – praised the new law, saying...
Sojourners 05/21/2010
After the U.S. Senate passed its financial regulatory reform bill, Rev. Jim Wallis – an evangelical leader, author of Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street and president of Sojourners (the largest network of social justice Christians in the United States) – said in a statement today that though “the legislation still contains some weaknesses … it is nonetheless a historic accomplishment.”
Sojourners 05/20/2010
Rev. Jim Wallis – an evangelical leader, author of Rediscovering Values and president of Sojourners (the largest network of social justice Christians in the United States) – is responding to Glenn Beck’s claim that “churches are being used by progressives to help bring about the fundamental transformation of America.” Rev. Wallis responded in a statement today by saying, “It is actually the other way around – the faith community is pushing the government, rather than the government using us.”
Sojourners 05/18/2010
Jim Wallis will join leaders from religious, national security, development and conservation organizations will come together Thursday to call on Congress to improve the lack of immediate and significant investments for adaptation solutions in countries hardest hit by climate change.
Sojourners 05/11/2010
Sojourners magazine, a monthly publication that addresses issues of faith, politics, and culture from a biblical perspective, was recognized as the best general interest magazine by two leading religious press organizations for the second straight year.
Sojourners 04/23/2010
In response to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signing Senate Bill 1070, Rev. Jim Wallis – a progressive evangelical leader, author of Rediscovering Values and president of Sojourners (the largest network of progressive Christians in the United States) – called the new law in Arizona a “social sin.” Rev. Wallis also said in a statement that the “radical new measure, which crosses many moral and legal lines, is a clear demonstration of the fundamental mistake of separating enforcement from comprehensive immigration reform.”
Sojourners 04/12/2010
More than 100 of the nation’s faith leaders – ranging from individuals from the Southern Baptist Convention to the United Church of Christ – have come together to say that enough is enough and call for a commitment to better civil discourse on issues that often result in partisan divide. The covenant comes amid recent divisions during the healthcare debate, as Members of Congress have engaged in bipartisan attacks and even come under death threats. Rev. Jim Wallis – president of Sojourners, the largest network of progressive Christians in the United States – is available to talk about why now, more than ever, politicians need to emulate this new civil tone from the faith community, as the nation heads into debates around financial regulation, climate change, and immigration reform.
Sojourners 03/25/2010
For many months, a group of the nation’s faith leaders with varied theological and political beliefs have been praying and discerning how they might contribute to a more civil and moral tone in the nation’s political discourse. Today they are releasing “A Covenant For Civility: Come Let Us Reason Together,” which calls for that better civic discourse. It comes at a time of degenerating national debate on contentious issues, with even Members of Congress voicing serious concern for their security.
Sojourners 03/24/2010
Glenn Beck continued his attack on “social justice,” saying it means “forced re-distribution, socialism, and Marxism”; Rev. Jim Wallis invited Beck to a conversation on “social justice,” which he says is “a passion for the gospel and the poor, not for totalitarian government.”
Sojourners 03/22/2010
A high-level delegation of national religious leaders today met with senior White House officials to push for immigration reform to be moved forward in Congress. This follows yesterday’s massive mobilization where over 100K people marched on Washington to demonstrate strong support for immigration reform. A list of the faith leaders who attended the meeting is below and all are available for interviews to discuss the White House response.