The Common Good

Changing Poverty Into Opportunity: A Moral Cause To Bring Us Together

Date: February 21, 2013

I know I am not the only one who is sick and tired of Washington's manufactured crises around budget and deficit debates. Brinksmanship has replaced statesmanship in trying to find a sound path to fiscal responsibility. It is time to make the right moral choices that will defend the most vulnerable and pursue an opportunity agenda to reduce the highest poverty rate in 50 years.

Ideological debates over the role of government are the real battle in the nation's capital -- more than the debt crisis. Political calculations about the next election are more important to many of our political leaders than the common good of the country.

There is no "surer path to success," the president reiterated, "than a good education." He added that early childhood education pays off -- and that every dollar we invest in it "can save $7 down the road."

As the president said, a family of four living on a minimum wage salary still lives below the poverty line. "That's wrong, and we should fix it. We should reward an honest day's work with honest wages."

There it is Americans, liberals and conservatives: family, education, and work. As the president said, "Let's do it."

There are no more excuses for not coming together around this moral imperative