The Common Good

Evangelical Leaders Encourage Unity Ahead Of 9/11

Date: September 9, 2011

The meeting and press conference, coordinated by Sojourners, a popular evangelical organization and magazine publisher, and the World Evangelical Alliance, a major international group of evangelical churches, called for Christians to reach out to Muslims and other religious groups to stop violence based on religious extremism and to commemorate 9/11.

Friday's event took place in the New York office of The Christian Post, which overlooks ground zero. Although the speakers Friday said that they supported including clergy and prayers in 9/11 events, such as at the dedication of the Sept. 11 memorial, Sojourners CEO Jim Wallis pointed out that "complaining about not being on stage is not part of unity."

"A lot of people are used to seeing bad religion,” said Wallis. "But the answer to bad religion is not to have no religion or exclude religion entirely, as some have done, but to practice and preach better religion.”