The Common Good

Faith Leaders to Obama: "Time Is Now" for Immigration Reform

Date: March 8, 2013

President Obama on Friday met with over a dozen faith leaders at the White House who urged quick action to pass immigration reform.

After speaking with the president for around one hour, participants came away hopeful that Obama could sign a comprehensive immigration overhaul into law this year.

Sojourners editor Jim Wallis once said, “Is it wrong to have a nice house? No, but do we use that house to be more hospitable? Is it wrong to eat good food? No, but does that good food help us become more generous? Is it wrong to have nice clothes? A nice television? A nice computer? No. No. No. But are we becoming more aware of the world around us and more compassionate toward it? With everything we buy, we need to ask ourselves what type of person we are becoming when we buy it.”