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At Ground Zero, Jim Wallis Lauds “New Generation” of Evangelicals

Commemorating 9-11, liberal activist Jim Wallis of Sojourners announced at a World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and Sojourners sponsored press conference at Ground Zero that he is "feeling proud today to be an evangelical.” But he also denounced the U.S. for its War on Terror since 9-11.

At the September 9 press conference, "global Evangelical leaders [called] for peace and unity” with the focus on better relations with Muslims. A pacifist, Wallis is inspired by "a whole new generation” of believers "who will follow the nonviolent way of Jesus.” In his Huffington Post article, Wallis detailed his hope for the "new generation” that grew up in the decade following 9/11. He wrote that a "new generation of Christians has asked how Jesus would respond” to the events of 9/11. They have turned to "alternative responses” instead of "the arrogance of American power,” Wallis enthused.