The Common Good

Jim Wallis on the Fiscal Cliff and White House Negotiations

Date: November 16, 2012


Tim King

Jim Wallis on the Fiscal Cliff and White House Negotiations

In response to the impending fiscal cliff, as well as coalition meetings with President Obama, Jim Wallis, President and CEO of Sojourners has released the following statement:

This is not just a political fight over the fiscal cliff, this is a battle for the nation’s fiscal soul. This battle raises not only political issues, but for the faith community, profoundly religious ones, too. How are we going to treat the ones that Jesus called “the least of these”--the poorest and most vulnerable? I affirm the principles of the Circle of Protection, one of which is that we cannot reduce the deficit in a way that increases poverty. This is a moral imperative for Christians across the country.

We must respect the Biblical principles of fairness and justice. For example,  we need to focus on tax cuts for middle class and working families, and especially low-income parents and children. And we also need to affirm that the wealthiest among us should pay their fair share.

Our politics is broken and dysfunctional, and cannot solve problems like this alone. Politicians need the faith community and other social movements to enable this system to find the common ground for the common good.