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Jim Wallis on the release of the President’s new budget proposal

Date: April 10, 2013


April 10, 2013

Brian P. Duss

Jim Wallis on the release of the President’s new budget proposal

President Obama’s budget proposal is a serious, responsible plan for addressing our nation’s economic challenges. The fiscal choices we make reveal what we value the most as a nation and indeed scripture tells us that countries will be judged on how they treat the most vulnerable. The expansion of early childhood education demonstrates the President’s commitment to our society’s future, while the permanent extension of tax credits that help lift families out of poverty shows he wants to create an economy where everyone can prosper. I am encouraged by the President’s commitment to preserving our social safety net for generations to come, while recognizing that long-term health care costs must be addressed without increasing the burden on those who can least afford it.  While no budget proposal is perfect, the President has offered real leadership on an issue that too many of our leaders are using solely for political gain. It is time for Republicans in Congress to stop the economic brinksmanship, pledge to protect the poor and join the President in seeking a balanced, credible solution for reducing the deficit while shielding those whom Jesus called the “least of these,” from additional suffering.



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