The Common Good

National Prayer Breakfast Gets A Rival: The People's Prayer Breakfast

Date: February 1, 2012

While the National Prayer Breakfast and People's Prayer Breakfast events may seem opposed, they actually share supporters. The National Prayer Breakfast has been protested in past years as a symbol of Washington influence and for its alleged ties to violent anti-gay legislation in Uganda, but the event draws a mix of liberal and conservative clergy and policymakers.

For example, Jim Wallis, the well-known evangelical who is founder of the progressive Christian organization Sojourners, plans to attend the Hilton breakfast. But his organization, which runs a magazine by the same name, is also sending a reporter to the People's Prayer Breakfast. And J. Robert Hunter, one of the few members of The Fellowship who has frequently spoken in the media about the breakfast, said in an interview that he donated $100 to the alternative event. Merritt confirmed the donation.