The Common Good

Occupy Wall Street: Christians Debate if Jesus Would 'Occupy' With Protesters

Date: October 10, 2011

Revered Jim Wallis of Sojourners wrote an article on Huffington Post last week expressing his support for the protesters. Admitting that he does not know everything about the protesters and that some of them might not share his Christian views, he drew on the similarities between what he knew of the their goals and the goals of Christians who wish to enact social change through the teachings of Jesus:

When they stand with the poor, they stand with Jesus. When they stand with the hungry, they stand with Jesus. When they stand for those without a job or a home, they stand with Jesus. When they are peaceful, non-violent, and love their neighbors (even the ones they don't agree with and who don't agree with them), they are walking as Jesus walked. When they talk about holding banks and corporations accountable, they sound like Jesus and the biblical prophets before him who all spoke about holding the wealthy and powerful accountable.