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Rev. Wallis: “Republican Budget Is Immoral”

Source: Sojourners
Date: August 1, 2012


1 August 2012


Carrie Adams

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Joins Coalition of Faith Leaders to Confront Budget Choices that Reward the Rich and Punish the Poor


Washington DC,August 1, 2012 – 

                Today on Capitol Hill, Rev. Jim Wallis joined with Rev. David Beckmann, Sr. Simone Campbell, Rev. Noel Castellanos, and Rev. Jennifer Butler in advance of the U.S. House of Representatives vote to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to condemn the budget choices such as cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit as starkly immoral. Rev. Wallis released the following statement:

A budget is a moral document. That phrase was coined by the faith community and has become a refrain in the ongoing debates over deficits and budgets. But in this week’s House vote on extending the Bush era tax cuts, we see one more example of the priorities and principles of the broader GOP budget and how they apply to the rich and to the poor. Because of this, we must conclude that the Republican budget is an immoral document—in the way it treats the poor. I certainly don’t believe that all our Republican lawmakers came to Washington to hurt poor people, but it’s time for some of them to challenge the dominant forces in their party and face the consequences of such indefensible choices.

Rev. Wallis’ full statement can be seen HERE.


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