The Common Good

Ruben Rosario: This Veteran Can Move Congress On Immigration Reform

Date: December 10, 2013

I caught Joseph Heredia Medina getting ready this week for his first and perhaps last trip to the nation's capital. "Never been there," the 99-year-old widower said as he sat next to me in the living room of his St. Paul home. Medina, one of the state's oldest surviving World War II veterans, is not going to Washington for pleasure or to sightsee, though, as a charter member of the World War II Memorial, he definitely plans a stop there.
Among the current fasters is the Rev. Jim Wallis, who believes reform is a moral imperative and has likened the tent to a chapel. There is also Emilia Gonzalez, 32, a single mother from Minneapolis who was heartened Tuesday at hearing that Medina may drop by. "We just had the governor of Virginia stop by and the support has been overwhelming," Gonzalez said by phone Tuesday afternoon. "It will be such a joy to have him come here."