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Sojourners in the News

Huffington Post 01/22/2015
Rev. Jim Wallis spoke with HuffPost Live at Davos about being arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, saying his arrest was much different than the arrests...
Davos Dispatches 01/22/2015
Jim Wallis from Sojourners has just facilitated/chaired/inspired a great session, called ‘Stop to think who matters here, in Davos’.
Christian Post 01/21/2015
I was so struck by the rare effort made by the film Selma to highlight the roles of women in that struggle, which by many accounts was the high-water...
The Epoch Times 01/17/2015
Signed by 100 theologians, this letter will ask whether the candidate is willing to make ending hunger and poverty a top priority in his or her...
Christian Post 01/16/2015
A coalition of 100 Christian faith leaders is urging all potential 2016 presidential candidates to post videos stating how they plan to alleviate...
CNN 01/16/2015
What concerns me is his apparent belief that religion should have special protection when it comes to free speech.
Catholic Courier 01/16/2015
Under an umbrella organization called Circle of Protection, 100 Christian leaders want all presidential candidates to make poverty a priority...
Huffington Post 01/16/2015
Our first response to the horrible and frightening violence of Paris should be grief.
Huffington Post 01/09/2015
The movement's lessons have shaped my life. I feel like I am about to meet my heroes.
No matter how it's framed, our current crisis is not just about police. It's about deeply ingrained American institutional privilege and...
Penticton Herald 01/03/2015
Jesus’ statement has often been misused by churchgoers and others as an excuse not to do anything about the poor. According to The Dictionary of...
Huffington Post 12/31/2014
We often only use the word in the context of our New Years, but "resolution" is a nuanced noun.
Perpetrators of crime must be punished for their actions. No one should be the victim of a violent crime. The death penalty, however, does not bring...
Iowa City Press Citizen 12/25/2014
Next time, I will take the bus and recall fondly the spirit of giving experienced on past rides.
Politico 12/24/2014
President Barack Obama rarely goes to church but that’s not for lack of faith, members of his small circle of religious confidants say.
Holyrood 12/23/2014
The relationship between our politics, our ethics and our public life remain at the heart of this inequality and poverty story.
Christian Post 12/22/2014
I pray this Christmas brings revelation—revelation of a world where the state ends its war on black and brown communities.
The Atlantic 12/22/2014
The racial tensions that have spilled from Ferguson and Staten Island into Advent this year promise to haunt our holiday celebrations like the ghost...
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly 12/15/2014
How are faith groups mobilizing on issues of race?
Capital Commentary 12/15/2014
A recent trip to Ferguson, MO gave me and some forty religious leaders an opportunity to reflect on the integration of spiritual development and...