The Common Good

U.S. drone strikes are deadly to enemies and innocent victims

Date: February 6, 2013

In a Feb. 3 Nation of Change op-ed piece called “Barack Obama, Drone Ranger,” Bill Moyers and Michael Winship pointed out that drone attacks are being made not only in Afghanistan, where there’s a declared war, but also in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

They quote the Brookings Institution’s Peter Singer, who said a year ago: “... A new technology is short-circuiting the decision-making process for what used to be the most important choice a democracy can make. Something that would have previously been viewed as war is simply not being treated like war.”

In the August 2012 edition of Sojourners, Editor Jim Rice wrote: “Drone warfare takes our country — and Obama, who according to the (New York) Times, personally approves many drone strikes — far down (a) moral slippery slope.”

From both a Christian and geopolitical perspective, I ask President Obama to search his soul about the devastation of drones — and to stop using them.